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Store everything about your tanks in the one place.
Log all your inhabitants, images, water tests, maintenance activities and expenses.
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Inventory management

Keep a list of all the livestock in each of your aquariums. Record all your equipment, plant species, filters, live rock and substrates too.

See how other member's tanks are set up, and maybe even find something that will work just perfectly with your setup!

Water management

Log all water changes, water tests, and any treatments you have applied.

See long term trends occurring in your tank and make more informed fish-keeping decisions, to promote a happy and healthy ecosystem.

Expense Management

Log all your aquarium's expenses such as food, plants, fish and equipment and where your purchase was made.

Know exactly where your money is going, and where you're spending.

Quick to setup

Aquarium Manager is entirely web based software. This means you don't need to install anything, just log right in and get started.

Your aquariums are backed up daily, which is much safer and more convenient than keeping a tracking spreadsheet on your PC.