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Aquarium Leaderboard

As of this moment there are 2838 members who maintain 3089 aquariums in total.

Congratulations to the owners of the tanks listed below - you've done well to make it to the top!

PositionTank NameScore
1 Mbu puffer paradise 259
2 AA 233
3 Greenery 211
4 Trout Tank 75 Gallon 202
5 Saltwater Living Reef Tank 201
6 72 bowfront 165
7 Mayja's 90 Gallon Reef 160
8 Primary Aqua 159
9 Study Aquascape 155
10 Da Reef 151
11 Sam's Aquarium 146
12 African Cichlids 142
13 160L 133
14 Fluval Vicenza 180 132
15 Pieter 131
16 50L Community Jungle 130
17 Ciano Emotions Nature **Waterfall** 129
18 Pieter 127
19 Gmarket Aquarium 124
20 Superfish ** Dark Forest ** 123

Points awarded for each:
Video3 points
Photo2 points
Water Change & or Test1 point
Inhabitant1 point
Plant1 point
Item (e.g. filter or heater)1 point
Coral1 point

nb: scores are re-calculated a few times per week.

New Photos

25/05/2015 Finished Layout Finished Layout 11/05/2015 - Quite a bit of plant growth in the month since planting Newly planted tank - 16/04/2015 Mktg pic of Reefer 350 from Red Sea site. I'll replace with my own once I have it up and running

New Videos

New Algae Scrubber Fish Tank Today Da Fishies IMG 1212 Algae Scrubber 125 gal Reef Aquarium DIY aquarium CO2 system - sugar and yeast WIN 20150118 190745 Aquário de Discus My spotted catfish snacking. :) Tank setup and ready for fish Fish in the tank Fish Tank Time Laps Rainbow trout fry Fish tank Fungia,Euphyllia, Ricordea Florida, Acan Lord, Candy Cane, Favia Aquario plantado. 1 Dia. 26/05/2014 Adding Zoas to the tank. First corals added to 60 gallon Living Reef Aquarium Quick Update on 60 Gallon Living Reef Aquarium. Zoanthids opened up nicely Overview and Highlights of Saltwater Living Reef Aquarium with Bioluminescent Ending Percula Clowns, Frogspawn, Blue Hippo Tang, Acan Lord (Saltwater Living Reef Tank) update #3 Saltwater Living Reef Aquarium Video Update #2